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Your Customers Are Online…

But Are They Searching for Your Business?

With the rise of smart phones, broadband internet and inexpensive tablet and personal computers, the world (and New Zealand with it) is looking increasing online to find solutions to their problems.

In increasing numbers, consumers are firing up their phone, tablet or PC when they need information rather than traditional directories.  This has led to the demise of printed directories with consumers resorting to Google as their first port of call to find answers to their everyday problems.  New Zealand businesses have followed their customers online and are now using many different methods to attract would-be customers to their website.

The three most widely used are Google AdWords (a form of Pay Per Click advertising) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  and a solid Web design strategy. Your Web design company will be able to assist you in getting to know how to guse these valuable marketing tools.

If your businesses is new to online marketing, the best way to get started is through Pay Per Click advertising, followed by SEO.  Although they offer slightly different approaches to targeting people online, their objectives are the same, to drive traffic to your website.

Both approaches have their place and neither one should be overlooked when planning your online marketing strategy. However depending on your goals and experience with search engine marketing, one may be a better fit for you than the other.

When Should You Consider SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimising your website for Google’s preferences.  By making your website relevant and authoritative on a topic, Google moves your website to the first page and eventually the first page of the search results.

The big question for most businesses new to SEO is – How do I know if SEO works?  The best way to tell is from your existing customers.  How did they find you? If your competitors are ranking highly for your business keywords (what people search for your business in Google), do they seem to be growing and making inroads into your market share?

SEO is a long term strategy and results take time (expect a minimum of three months, ideally six months). However once the optimisation work has taken hold, you will be enjoying a continuous stream of targeted traffic. Providing you maintain your website with a quality SEO program your site will continue to rank higher for months and years to come.

When Should You Consider Pay Per Click?

PPC is a way to advertise your website in and amongst Google’s organic search results. You simply bid on specific words and phrases (known as keywords and key phrases) you want to appear as sponsored listings.  Getting started is almost automatic, and you only have to pay when someone who searches for your chosen keywords clicks on your advertisement.  

Immediate Traffic
If you want immediate results (and can’t wait three to six months) – PPC allows your ads to show up at the top of the search results straight away. As long as you bid high enough, your ads will immediately run for hundreds of people to see. PPC is great for testing your market, product launches and special promotions.

Define Your Ideal Customer by Location
With PPC you can promote your ad to people based on their demographic information. This means you can specify exactly by location who you want to view your ads and find your website.  

Promoting a Time Sensitive Offers
If you operate an eCommerce business and want to run promotions at specific times of the year, for example Christmas or Valentines Day, then PPC is ideal for quickly driving traffic to a specific promotion.

Both PPC and SEO are eminently viable ways of getting targeted traffic to your website. Even though one may be more suited to your situation and goals, when used together they can create a powerful, nationwide and totally measurable marketing campaign that is almost certain to bring you new business.


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