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The website audit is perfect for businesses that need to have their website reviewed and tested.

An Eazyshop Website Audit Aims To Discover Exactly What Is Holding Your Website Back From Generating Big Sales and Marketing Results. 

Attention All Website Owners! ...

If you’re losing money on a daily basis with a website that is failing to deliver BIG results for your business then keep reading to discover what it is that’s holding your website back from success.

Perhaps you have approached a Web design company or attempted (maybe more than once) to have a website designed for your business. You may have signed up late at night on one of the countless website design plans that are on the Internet, and for only $500.00 you were up and running. Or maybe you went all out and hired a website design company spending a couple of thousand dollars or more having them build your site and shopping cart.

You dreamed of those customers miles away logging into the Internet, searching on Google and easily finding your offer. You thought of how many more clients you would have and you thought to yourself, "If I could just get one extra client per month from my site, then I would make $X more per week." So you built your site and waited, and then waited some more.

But no one showed up. You haven't even gotten one single customer from your efforts and expense. You failed on the web. You joined the ranks of millions of others that have gone before and will go after you. Your website failed.  Guess what? You are not alone!


Over 90% of websites could quietly disappear and never be missed by anyone except their owners. It's sad, but true. Most of these websites failed to deliver any significant results online.  

If you have a website like this, does that mean you are in a be ALL and end all situation? The answer is absolutely NO!   We’ve rescued hundred’s of businesses from failure, and we want yours to be one of them!

Why Websites Fail!

If your website is failing it’s most likely due to one or a number of the following:
x Planning: Not enough emphasis put towards srategy planning.
x Promotion: Not enough people visiting your website.
x Persuasion: Not enough people being persuaded by your site to buy online.
x Pervasion: Not enough about them, more than enough about you!
x Perception: Not enough visual stimulation to create a feeling of trust


Shooting from the hip every month is not going to help you grow as a company online.

You really have to have a serious plan of attack because there is a lot going on with the web. Document your movements at all times.


If it’s promoted properly then your website has one of the key ingredients to generating BIG RESULTS online!

We’ve all heard of Google SEO PPC.  These campaigns can make and break businesses.  If not approached correctly your business and website could become a statistic.  

But there are other less costly option’s that should be employed into the website well before you engage any PPC campaign ‘if any’.

So what are these method’s you ask?

Answers vary among businesses since each approach is targeted specifically according to your businesses unique goals. Eazyshop has worked with a large number of businesses of which we have managed the promotion of websites ranging from web based promotion tools, to billboard, and television promotions. The biggest key overall is to implement the basics then follow up with strategies to evolve your promotion plan moving the business forward.

Here is a list of some of the common strategies that we have seen significantly improve a websites results in each of these areas.

Online Directories Listing your website in online directories such as
Email Marketing Building a database of customers to send email promotions via newsletters.
Search Engines Adopting SEO strategies to get your products listed high in the search engines.
Stationery Promotion Promoting your website on your business vehicles, cards, email signatures.



Pursuading your customers to take action is key to unlocking big results, it forms one of the core ingredients to growing your business.

The most effective ways to increase your bottom line depend on many unique factors ranging from your business sector, your competition, the type of products you are selling, and the price you are selling them for, your unique point of differences are also very important, oh and there are many more reasons why.

“Trying to understand and implement this equation absent of qualified help could not only cost you time and money but more importantly it could cost you your brand. ”

Lack of web knowledge is one of the big reasons why businesses fail. Being successful online requires knowledge of how the web works. If you are trying to cut costs but do not understand how the search engine space even works you are just going to shoot yourself in the foot.


Is your Website angled too heavily on selling you vs what your business can do to satisfy your customers goals?

I'm not saying that talking about yourself is bad, infact writing articles about yourself, and the business will add integrity when done correctly.  If you have awards, recognition from within your industry, testimonials then please do structure them into your pages. What's important here is knowing when to draw the line.

So where do you draw the line between giving enough information about yourself vs information about what you can do to satisfy your customers goals?

This can be defined by a number of factors however the three most important rules can be defined by how your website answers the following questions in the most efficient way.

Do I trust you?
Do you have what I want?
How much is it?

Answer these questions well before you start waffling off about yourself, and how good you are. 


Trust is the difference..

It’s that simple. If you look at companies that currently sell products or services online, and compare them to each other the way we did, you will find that the successful ones are those that people trust. The ones that sell products and services successfully tend to be brands of huge companies that have gone online and sold their products, such as Dell, or companies that have become an online brand, such as Amazon.

Now before you despair, you do not have to be a huge branded company to be trusted online, but you do need to earn the trust of your prospect base.  Understanding where your product fits in is key to building your bottom line.  Our consultants are ready to help you see where the existing holes are, and how we can grow your business online!

What you get from an Eazyshop Website Audit

The website audit breaks down into 5 core areas, perfect for websites with little budget for testing but the need to have the site reviewed and checked out.

What's included:

Functionality review Reviewing the main functional aspects of the website to ensure that they work correctly.
Browser compatibility review Covering the main web browsers including IE7, IE8, Firefox and Google Chrome (more web browser compatibility checking available on request including IE6 and Mac browsers).
Usability review Focusing on elements of the website that are confusing for a typical user or where improvements could be made
Accessibility review Reviewing the main accessibility aspects and checking that the website complies with accessibility best practice guidelines
Search engine optimisation review Identifying any specific areas where your search engine optimisation is lacking or needs attention.


Website Audit Benefits

The audit finds problems that you can fix to improve the quality of your website
Ensures all the main aspects of your website are reviewed and tested
Highlights problems with your website that you may not be aware of
Provides an extra level of testing to pick up on the maximum number of issues
Fully documented to keep as a record of what was audited for your team

What You Get

Comprehensive audit of your website covering the areas described above
Full breakdown of what has been reviewed
All bugs and issues found entered into our bug tracking system
Online access account to view bug details
All bugs and issues described and complete with screenshots, URLs and a priority level
Recommendations as to any further steps required

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We turn emerging business into big e-businesses by helping them significantly improve results online.
Eazyshop is well established with an impressive reputation.
We have a proven track record for generating amazing results for emerging e-busineses.
You are dealing with experienced e-business consultants who understand how to generate serious results online for a business. 

Find out more about us our history, our values our culture and our vision. Learn what makes Eazyshop one of the most dynamic, go-forward organisations in today's marketplace.

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